Why should you hire a Social Media Expert?

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Once a business is set up, its promotion through various means of marketing is very important to reach new heights. The increasing internet usage has shortened the world, bringing each other very close with respect to faster communication. And so is the huge need of online marketing in the digital world using social media.

While everyone these days are social media users, expertise is not only required to improve the traffic on the website of your business but also let more number of people know your active existence. It has become quite essential for every business to hire explicit social media expert. These professionals basically generate awareness of your business profile across every nook and corner of the world through online connecting platforms.

They are marketing specialists who generate audience with their proper tweets. Unlike general users, they post the right content which shall attract maximum attention. They do not believe in continuous posts and updates in all the platforms but practice regular updation of a post at certain intervals. While every business allocates a certain percentage of expenses onto marketing, a part of the same is nowadays being explicitly allotted for digital marketing. They have a detailed understanding of the audience available. Accordingly, they do follow the right profiles and also develop a contact with the existing followers of their business.

While outsourcing of marketing is considered little apprehensive, there are a huge number of organizations which believe is the outsourcing of digital marketing services.  One is always busy in producing and improving on the quality of work being done through their business. As social media is time-consuming unlike traditional marketing, it can be

We through our web designing and developing country, webdreams, focus on following the best practices to do digital marketing and also SEO, a means to generate more traffic to your website link. We have a group of professionals who make use of social media marketing tools for the best possible promotions.

Workplace by Facebook – Features and Benefits

In the dynamic world of everlasting enormous competition, Facebook has launched an enterprise version product, Workplace by Facebook. It enables effective communication across all levels of employees within organizations. It has its own visual brand identity using a different grey color and artistically written ‘W’ logo .

The workplace is a collaborative space with a look, feel, and function similar to the consumer version of Facebook. It is a completely separate product from personal Facebook and provides a totally dedicated and secure space for companies to integrate. Begun testing since 2015 and finally launched in October 2016, could successfully attract a whopping number of 30000 customers spanning across various industries and hoping for many more to join. Has an edge to be adapted easily by any organization due to its similar Facebook features like messages, news feed, groups, and calls. The facebook live feature is also available in Workplace to enable the organizations broadcast to its employees instantly.

Due to the immense awareness of Facebook across the globe, Workplace is expected to be accepted widely. This business software is updated with 50 new app integrations categorized into 14 different groups. The details can be found in www.facebook.com/workplace/integrations. Some of the commonly used tools include SurveyMonkey, Service Now, Bloomberg, ADP Virtual Assistant, Workday, JiraCloud, SharePoint, and Smartsheet. It not only integrates with cloud platforms including Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Salesforce but also synchronizes with the mobile tools to be ranked high among the enterprise collaboration tools like Slack, Skype for business, etc.

Workplace is a tool which lets professionals to effectively communicate via instant chat, voice and video calls, share files, live video streaming, conferences. It can be accustomed to organizations of any size. The amazing auto-translate feature improves the global connectivity by enabling you to communicate in 46 languages with zero effort.  Its released in two versions – Standard and Premium. While the standard version is available free for all organizations, premium version charges a nominal cost of $3 every month per active user. Premium usage is offered with a 90-day free trial. Organizations with more than 5000 users can avail discounts over the charges leveraged. The premium version is availed at no cost by non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

Workplace standard has core features for free. It enables independent employee to own and administer their content posted and shared. The account can be deleted and deactivated by themselves anytime.

Premium customers get additional customized features like customer support, administer controls, account management, access to integration APIs for bots, e-discovery and policy enforcement. The company owns and administers the workplace community and data. Employer owes the right to delete or deactivate any account of their employee.

The account id of Workplace and Facebook are unique. Users can have their content shared separately. The employer can never see the content of his employee’s personal account unless its available for public view. And so is the privacy of each and every user pristine.

One can only create a Workplace account using a private email domain belonging to a specific individual. However, the email domain can’t have already been claimed by another Workplace community. You can’t sign up for Workplace using a public email domain, such as gmail.com and yahoo.com, etc. You also can’t sign up for Workplace using a generic email address, such as info@, admin@, sales@, etc.

To explore more about workplace, the team has come up with a transformation centre, help.transformyourworkplace.com


Incase you are held up while using the workplace, the help support is always at your reach with just a click at https://workplace.facebook.com/help/


7 easy On-page steps to boost your website Ranking

It’s a great way to start traffic by acquiring new customers and develop brand awareness. To accomplish this, some established tactics to boost ranking in Google are:

  1. URLs: Always URL should be short to get rank. It is better to have the URL in 7-9 characters and it’s better to avoid us should not contain underscores and capital letters. URL structure should be optimized to ensure that it is genuine, significant, and should include suitable keywords that are relevant to the content.
    seo tipsmportance of reputation has become

    • Make URL Keyword Rich and Understandable: Business site owners always ignore it, but you can redesign your domain of how Google and its users view your URL. Instead of searching for something non-relevant.
    • Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol ( https ): It’s better to use https protocol instead of HTTP to get rank in google Because now Google gives topmost rank to secured websites.
    • Keyword in URL: When we add high difficulty keywords in URL, It helps to get rank in Google for that specific keyword. It allows you to get an SEO advantage over other factors.
  1. Optimize your keywords: The first and the foremost important part of your strategy is optimizing the right keywords.

Over the prior few years, Google will update their algorithm, of which Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird algorithms were the biggest. These provided them to modernize the set of amplified regulations on how companies should structure their sites for link building, both incoming links, and text for outgoing links. But to do this, we need to use the right keyword to optimize it and include in each article.

A modern technique for getting articles to rank well in Google is utilizing Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords. These are related terms that Google uses to conclude the quality and breadth of the content.

keyword optimization

LSI Keyword for SEO service in Hubli

  1. Optimize your meta tags: It’s more important to optimize the Title tags, Meta description, Meta keywords to get Rank in Google.meta tag optimization
    • Title Tags: One of the crucial aspects of website optimization is the title tag. In HTML, the tag is used to set off the page title tag, which indicates the target audience what the page is about in just a few words. They are used in a number of places to describe the content. For instance, title tags are used by search engines for each search result they display. Additionally, title tags are usually used by social media applications to describe the content when someone shares the content. The title always appears on the top of the browser when the page is viewed.
    • Meta Description: Normally about 150-160 characters is allowed for Meta description beyond that is likely to be cut off. And For instance like “Welcome to our home page,” that doesn’t really mean anything about the content or give a reason to click through.
    • Meta Keywords: It is almost similar to the Meta description. It is a particular type of Meta tag that appears in the HTML code of a Web page and helps search engines what the topic of the webpage is.
  1. Content Writing:Optimization is important for all the written text, specifically for landing pages that include information about the products/services. Some of the tactics used in content writing are:
    • Increase Length: Google rewards in-depth content. The truth is that the best-ranking articles in SEO should be long. Thus a long content is better for users and thus ranks higher on Google.
    • Improve Readability: As Google values length, it also ranks content if it’s easy to read.
    • Update frequently: Google wants to view with the most updated content possible to show the viewers in the search engine.
    • Increase Length: Google rewards in-depth content. The truth is that the best-ranking articles in SEO should be long. Thus a long content is better for users and thus ranks higher on Google.
    • Improve Readability: As Google values length, it also ranks content if it’s easy to read.
    • Update frequently: Google wants to view with the most updated content possible to show the viewers in the search engine.
  1. Include technical Ranking factors: There are strategies that will help the content rank better. By improving these  factors, you can boost your website to get rank in Google by following ways:
    • Optimizing Images: As visitors always search for images. The visual content that is displayed on the website also needs to be optimized for discovery. The Alt tags are used for each image play a vital role in deciding its contextual meaning. Sort of Metadata that can be optimized including a source (that is file location and name), alt, and title tags. To accomplish the best results in the search, all of these image tags must be optimized.
    • Optimizing videos: Videos have surged and it has become an integral part of a Regardless of widespread awareness of the power of videos, video optimization is not as frequently practiced as website and content optimization.

Having a branded medium increases brand recognition and provides an advantage to the other content. To, optimize your video is as follows:

  • Video Titles: It should contain relevant keywords and it should also appeal to the audience interests. The goal should be to draw people with a catchy title that persuade them to watch the video till the end.
  • Video Descriptions: It should clearly portray the relevant information as it is in the description. It should set viewers’ expectations on what they will see by watching. Through the description, we should include keywords. It should lead the video description with a link to the page on the website that is more relevant to the subject matter, so viewers can find the additional content and other information you provide.
  1. Include Links in content: There are strategies that will help the content rank better. By improving these technical ranking factors, you can boost the article’s to get rank in Google by following ways:
    • Promote your content for backlinks: The best way to get higher SEO rankings for the articles is to acquire a number of backlinks from other sources. There are various ways to do this that is to promote content.
    • Broken Links: Links are best for the user experience on your site and boost your SEO rankings; broken links do just the opposite. Enter URL, select whether you want to search the whole website or just that page, and click Check. That allows us to check up to 2,000 links on your site for free and make sure they’re pointing to the right place.link otimization

      Internal links in Social media marketing website in Hubli

  1. Mobile friendly website: Google has started to make the mobile version of the site the primary ranking factor. Its good idea to make sure your mobile site is at peak performance to get the best rankings for the articles.

mobile optimization


Digital Marketing has become important in today’s world. Many small and medium enterprises think that online experience is out of their reach as they consider it too expensive. Going digital means going online that provides you with a flexible marketing potential. It can be bit challenging for small and medium enterprises to implement digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketing has a higher return on investment when compared to traditional marketing. As traditional marketing involves cost such as development, production, and publishing costs. Digital Marketing is more affordable than traditional marketing. Digital marketing campaigns can be adapted to any budget, and the cost of media and publishing costs is virtually reduced to zero.

Digital Marketing is designed to draw the attention of target audience. There are 5 digital marketing strategies which helps SME’s to generate revenue online. They are:

Branding: Branding is an effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. It is an excellent tool to promote brands and driving relevant traffic to the website and it serves a wide range of marketing.

Responsive Website: Website is a collection of web pages, including multimedia, typically identified with a common domain name. It is a cost effective marketing channel that reap significant rewards. Such as enquiries, increase sales volume that drives relevant traffic to the website and maximize overall turnover thus results in profitability of the firm.

Social Media Marketing: social media is popularized for showcasing its products and services worldwide through facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and Google+, thus to create brand awareness in the minds of target customers. And it also allows you directly reach your customers. It also increases the traffic to your website.

Content: It is an approach focussed on creating and delivering valuable relevant content to your prospects and customers to help them solve their issues and thus drive profitability.

Search Engine Optimization: Optimize your website for a search engine to get more customers to visit your website.

With the cutting –edge technology, Digital Marketing platform thus contributes to reach target costumers current and potential to maximize company’s growth.

Essentials Tips for a Professional Website

Nowadays’ most of the companies are promoting their products and Services through online Marketing. Before there were many concepts to promote the companies like TVCs, OOH (Out Of the House) advertising, Mobile Advertisements direct marketing and many more. But today trend has been changed. Most of the companies who want to recognize globally are looking for online marketing like Website creations, SEO, SMM and many online marketing services. In all these online marketing services creating Website crafts more impact on targeted customers.

web design hubli

Here are some tips to build a productive website 

  1. Simplistic and Minimal: Creating a website is not an easy task, only the people who are good in that can create it. The details what you are providing on your website is to be simple, clean and clear where people can go through easily. And the information should be minimal to read and understand what exactly you want to tell your audience.
  2. Responsive: Most of the people prefer surfing internet on mobile phones or tablets. So your website should support these gadgets too. Before you go live your site, please make sure whether your website is responsive or not.
  3. Easy to Navigate: Navigating your website represents how your website is easy to access, and sometimes it effects on traffic control in search engine. Website Navigation or Labels include your company, products or services, contacts details, management like organization chart, notifications and many more. These keywords show your traffic control in SEO. Rather than using products or services we can use what we do. This may create impact and helps in ranking for SEO.
  4. C3 concept: To create a website we have to understand the concept of C3. I.e. Content, Color and Creation. For every website, these three words are most significant. Content can create what exactly you are doing, how easy to understand your site and the keywords where you can create an impact on your customers. Color combination shows how decent your website is, and the concept of your website. And Creation gives more impact on your customer.
  5. Clean and Simple Language: when you start writing contents for your website make sure that the language what you are using should be simple. The details of what you are providing, the customer should not feel like he is reading the newspaper. It should be like he is in conversation with you directly. And make sure you are not using technical terms. So use your language more interactive where customer can understand effortlessly.
  6. Logo Design: First impression is the best impression, as people may fail to remember your company name but they don’t forget company Logo. Most of the companies are recognized only because of their logo rather than the company name. So design your logo as people can recognize easily. Use those colors and design which suits your industry and the concept of the website.
  7. Load Fast: Now a day’s people are running out of time, maybe its ‘because of their busy schedule. So inform your developer to make it easy to load the site and bit faster. It helps visitor to go through with the site certainly.

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Popular Trends in Digital Marketing-2018

Digital media and technology plays a major role in marketing strategy development and success. The contribution of digital marketing is huge in the success of marketing strategy betterment and advancement. Due to the change in the market, there were major improvements in the marketing process which made it easier and much more effective as well. There have been massive improvements in the marketing area since 20 years.

Along with the rise of digital marketing options, there was a rise of search engine optimization trend as well. Since business and general customer begun to focus on internet for their requirement, it became necessary to establish better identity on the internet results of search engines. There are many advantages that can be obtained with the help of professional website promotion services for business purpose.

seo trends
Popular Trends in Digital Marketing-2018

  • Customer Lifecycle Change: Unlike the old days, internet marketing activities have become a priority in customer lifecycle as well. Customers give their preference to the e-commerce options. These options are better and easily available all around the world.
  • Better Customer Experience: Digitalization brought a major change in the customer experience and customer satisfaction ratio. There is complete freedom of personalization of customer experience or user journey with the help of digitalized tools and options such as CMS and Analytics.
  • Automatic Machine Learning: Use of machine learning allows companies to separate different categories of customers as per their requirements and expectations so that the promotions or marketing can be more successful. The use of segmentation and targeting makes the marketing efforts even more successful and beneficial for companies.
  • Social Apps For Communication: Communication has become easier with the help of social apps integration in the digital marketing. It allows customers to get a chance to connect directly. You can use social media applications to get or send updates or promotions that are needed.
  • Digital Marketing Insights Sources: Use of digital marketing insights allows companies to get the most accurate data from most trustworthy sources. It allows companies to verify the customer needs in the most accurate manner.

You can easily find a website promotion in India that can help newly arriving companies to gain proper standing so that they can find the right customer circle for their services. These kinds of companies are expected to be available all around the world.

To find SEO Company in Hubli, Dharwad or Belgaum the clients need to study the expertise of the Company in Search engine Optimization and social media Promotion. At the same time it is necessary to check the company’s Google rank, Google map rank, ranking in social media’s like YouTube and LinkedIn.  We can achieve lead generation through all possible media’s like Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instragram, and YouTube. Even what’s app marketing is a major lead generation platform.

Importance of Digital Marketing

First comes Business Reputaion!

Importance of Digital Marketing

The reputation of any business it should be good. Without the relationship between confidence of the customer, a company willn’t survive. Especially the importance of reputation in the past years has become increasingly noticeable. If a business has a good reputation, customers may choose that particular company from many on the market. The positive reputation enables marketers to differentiate their products/services in a highly competitive market and successfully compete with big players. How to build a good reputation? Make sure that you communicate with your customers and everyone who interacts with your company through website, e-mail, Social Media. Answer any doubts, offer help and make sure you build a long-lasting relationship with your customers. 

Manitaning equality in online playing field.

With digital marketing, small companies now have the resources to perform sales and marketing processes that were previously available only to large corporations. Without a call center, small businesses can engage effectively with multiple customers, even to customers from any parts of the world even if they don’t have physical stores or branches in these locations.

Saves your penny!

It is more cost-effective than traditional marketing. This is especially important for small businesses as they don’t have many resources or a lot of capital. New media can provide you with a cheaper and more effective advertising channel.

Higher conversion rates.

Businesses marketing products and services online measure success by the percentage rate of incoming traffic gets converted into leads, subscribers or sales, depending on the intended purposes of your website. Without conversion, all your traffic would mean nothing and all your marketing efforts will simply go to waste. That is why business owners are streamlining their digital marketing campaigns towards conversion optimization, making it a top priority above everything else.

Be popular on social networking sites!

Some people underestimate the importance of social media as part of their digital marketing campaign. The more “Facebook likes” or “tweets” you get, the more your company can grow and build trust and credibility with your customers. It can also bring traffic to your website if you use these channels to inform your followers about discounts, new products, blog posts and company news, etc.

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Discover an amazing experience with the New Advanced Google Adwords:

Google Adwords have got some amazing features and provided with simple though powerful tools. It became faster, more intuitive and things are done more easily. We have got great benefits with the New Google Adwords:

  1. We can create unique business campaigns and advance them based on its objectives.
  2. The features we make use of are accessible even faster.
  3. We get the actionable insight with the new graphs and powerful reporting tools.
  4. If we wish to continue using the Adwords with the same version we are familiar with then the performance of the campaigns will continue in the same way, Moreover, if we get struck anywhere we can switch to the current version.

Initially, we have to check out the version of Google Adwords we are using, in order to verify we follow the simple procedure provided below:

To switch from Previous to Latest version of Google Adwords:

  • Go to the upper-right corner on the Adwords page and click on the Gear Icon.
  • From there select “Try the New Adwords”.
adwords new version,  UI
AdWords new version

Now you are in the new Adwords and if you click on any of the features which are not yet made accessible, you will be directed to the previous Adwords page which opens in a new browser tab by default. And by closing this tab you can again access the New Adwords.

To switch from New to Previous version of Google Adwords:

  • Go to the upper-right corner of the page and click on the 3-dotted icon.
  • From there select “Return to Previous Adwords”.
AdWords old version
AdWords old version

Now you are in the Previous Version of Adwords, it’s so easy to employ furthermore if you want any details or have any query regarding the New Google Adwords, just go to the upper-right corner of your account and click on Get Help.

Make money online through AdSense.


We often think of making money online but there are maximum chances of being get cheated as there are scams that mainly happen in name of online work from home jobs.

Instead of trying such fake online jobs, try out the genuine online earning work that can be done through the website or blog.

Surprised? Well, here I am gonna tell you how you can make money online using your website. You might know about Google Ad Sense; if not, don’t worry, here I will be giving the complete idea of Google Ad Sense and how you can make money through it. Continue reading “Make money online through AdSense.”