Best SEO practice in 2021

Best SEO practices in 2021, if your website is not ranking the in first top 10, results of the targeted keywords in the Google search, means that your website won’t be visible. If this particular issue is faced by you, you need to follow the best SEO practices in 2021.

The SEO practice in 2021, has been explained and quoted with examples and steps to optimize the speed:-

Need to align the content with the intention of search:- Content should be as per the Intention of search if the visitors is searching for How to make cakes? Then the final search results will be the videos or the blog posts about the search results, so for this particular search results E-commerce site won’t be popped out, because Google understands the people who are giving this specific search are wanted to learn not to Buy the cakes online.

Case 2:- If the people are searching for Buy cakes online, then the E-commerce site will be popped out, here Google understands that the people who give this particular search wanted to buy it online, so it shows E-commerce site here Blogs or Videos won’t be shown in the search results.

So, the point over here is, the content should be as per the search results.

1.Informational:- Informational results indicate that the user is searching for the specific information but it will be simple, an example has been quoted below:-

Example:- if the user is searching for Today’s news, Weather report, and what are the best SEO practices in 2021, these requires more explanation in depth. This is considered to be Informational Search intent.

2.Navigational:- Navigational results indicate if the people are searching for specific websites log or Application(APPS). This is considered to be navigational search intent, for example:- Facebook Login, Canvas login.

3.Commercial:- the intention behind this search is if the user is searching for a specific product but not sure about his/her decision. For example:- Best SEO Tools, DSLR camera. This is considered to be the commercial intent.

4.Transactional Intent:- The intention behind this particular search result is, the user has taken a decision to purchase the product and he is double sure with his decision, this is called to be transactional intent, an example has been quoted below:-

 Example:- Buy Ration online, Buy fruits online, Buy Hp laptop online.

Therefore these are the four types of intent search results.

Title Tags:- Title tags are very important when coming to on-page SEO because the title which is mentioned on the website will be the outcome of the search results.

Title Inclusions are as follows:-

Targeted keyword should be included

The creation of duplicate title tags should be completely avoided

A description is a must but it should be concise.

Meta description:- Meta description will be mentioned below the title tag, suppose if you search something in Google the title will be mentioned and below the title, few lines will be will mentioned over there, so those lines are considered to be meta description. Total characters should be around 155-160, so, giving a good description with 160 characters is acceptable.

Optimizing the site speed:- Optimizing the site speed is very important when coming to SEO, if the speed of your site is too slow, then the users will be frustrated, the ranking will also be dropped, so there are many free tools to optimize the speed of your site, for example, SEM rush.

So, how to do it?

Step1:- Login into SEMrush

Step 2:- Click ADD project and enter the domain name

Step 3:- After entering all the details hit to start the site audit.

Step 4:- Within few seconds SEMrush will start to generate the Site audit report.

Step5:- Here you will get to know the errors of your site, then you can start fixing them. These are the steps to optimize the speed of your site, through SEMrush.

Provide the Long-form content:- Providing the long-form content will help you to get more traffic to your website, if the story is lengthy then there would be the best co-relation between your content length and search performances. 

A long story with 3000+ words will bring 3times more traffic to your website, 4times more shares, and 3.5 times more backlinks to your website, publishing the long content, will literally help your site performance, therefore these are the best SEO practices to be followed in 2021.