Follow the instructions and start a blog less than the time expected by you(Less than an Hour).and there are few Expert tips to be followed to start a blog in 2021. 

Meaning of Blog:-Blog is an updated web page or a website that is Run by an individual person or  small group of people in an organization is known as a blog.

There are six steps to be followed to start a blog. The steps are as follows:-

  1. Select Niche
  2. Choose the platform to start a blog
  3. Register domain name
  4. Hosting account
  5. Start it on blogger or website
  6. Optimize the blogs for SEO (Important point)

Explanations of these steps are as follows.

Select Niche:- it means that in which topic you are interested you can start writing a blog on that particular topic. And there are many topics that are available on Google, you can choose the topic which is related to you or which interests you and start writing content on that particular topic.

How to find the right niche? Google top 10 niches. you will get 10 different niches and select any one niche which you interested in. The most popular niche is Fitness and benefits.

If you are interested in Fitness, you can write an article related to fitness. The people who wanted to know more about fitness and its benefits will read your blog if they find that your blog is interesting.

Choose the platform to start your blog:- there are different blogging platforms. You can choose the one which is the right fit for you. The different blogging platforms are mentioned below, there are as follows.

  3. Blogger
  4. Gator
  5. Tumbler
  6. Medium
  7. Square space
  8. Ghost.

The above mentioned are the different Blogging platforms through which one can start the blog.

Note:- If your a beginner then Starting a blog in blogger is preferred. And it’s free of cost.

Although word press is also free, if you start your blog in word press you won’t be having your own domain name. Your name and the word press site name will be merged together. So you need your own domain and hosting. So how to register for domain and hosting will be explained below.

Register domain name

How to register  Your domain name for your Blog?  Sign up for Webhosting and register your domain name. ( we would prefer Blue host). Choose the right domain name for your blog and purchase the domain for (3 months or 1 year). We would prefer you to go for a 1-year plan.

Hosting account:- As mentioned above you need to have your hosting account in the blue host. The steps are as follows:-

  1. Signup for the web hosting
  2. Pick the right domain name for your blog
  3. Install word press
  4. Write your first blog post
  5. Publish it.
  6. Write the Blog articles and publish the contents.  

Start it on a word press or blogger:- one could start the content in blogger for free,  Blogger could start with free of cost, and after purchasing the domain and hosting if you start your blog in word press website, you will be having many advantages for example drag and drop options. And you can design your blog professionally in the way how you wanted your blog to be.

Optimize your blog for SEO:- Optimizing the blog for SEO plays the most important role for your blogs. And there are several steps to be followed for optimizing the blog for SEO. The steps are as follows:-

  1. Plan the contents based on Every keyword research
  2. Use a Good title and the title must be effective for your blog post
  3. Internal linking is necessary
  4. Blog should be easy to read.
  5. Content should be unique.
  6. Need to have insight into your content result.

Explanations of these above mentioned are as follows:-

  1. Plan the contents based on every keyword research:-  through the search engine optimization, it will allow you to know how many users are interested in the topics, for example:-( if your blog is based upon fitness and benefits,  you will get to know how many numbers of the audience are searching for the same.) there are tools for keyword research need to have an account in Google ads. And later ad keywords based on your content. It will indicate how many visitors are searching for the same. In this way need to plan the contents based on every keyword research.
  2. Usage of a good title:- Using a good title enhances the visitors to get into your blog and read the contents. But the title should be catchy, so one needs to have a good title for the blog post.
  3. Internal linking:- link at least one or more pages to your website or blogs, so that the users can view the different WebPages of your blog.
  4. Blog should be easy to read:- each and every word which you write in your article should be easy to read. And the visitors should be able to understand each and every article what you have written.
  5. Content should be unique:- your article or your content should be unique so that the visitors who visit your website will be interested to read your content.
  6. Need to have an insight into your content results:- to gain insight into your website, there are several tools but the tool which we suggest is Google Analytics. Because Google Analytics is the tool that allows you to see how many visitors are visiting your website or your blog, How much time was spent on your website and what is the conversions and what is the bounce rate. So Google Analytics allows users to know how many visitors are visiting the website. So need to have an insight into your content,

Therefore these are the expert’s tips to write a blog in 2021. Therefore if all the steps are followed properly then creating a blog in 2021 will be easy, and a blog can be created in less than an hour. But writing the blog depends upon your time, the time you take to write the content and research the topic.