When you are developing a website there are many points to be considered that make it unique and successful. The website should be user friendly and the way the website displays also matters the most. When people get to your website you have to keep them there and convert them into leads. Websites are one of the important marketing and communication tools for any type of business. Whether it is a small or large business, professional websites give important impressions to the audiences. So here is a list of five things that every website should have:

Clear Description about Business:

When customers visit your website, they should get clear information about your business.They should not have to do any investigative work to know about the business. Just by stating names and putting products on the homepage, you can avoid confusion on both sides. You have to attract your customers within 2-3 seconds of their entry and make them stay on the website to convert them into leads. Use a headline that tells website visitors the most important thing your business offers them and then describe it in a paragraph.


Contact information:

You never want to confuse your customers to get in touch with you.You have to put your contact information on the website so that customers connect with you easily. It is a best practice to keep the contact information on the top left or the top right corner of the home page. It is also a best practice to keep the contact information on every page.You have to provide different options to get in touch with your business.These options include email address,landline number, mobile number,business hours etc.

24*7 Customer Support:

The website should have a Customer Support section.This section will add to the quality of the website.The customer support should be 24*7. The Customers always look for better Customer support and if they are into any kind of fix then they can contact the customer support and get their queries solved. Look for a Web designing company in Hubli and get expert advice.

Responsive design:

A responsive website is a website which changes its look based on the device.For example if a consumer uses his desktop to view the website and if he switches to mobile then the website should not look cramped and chaotic.It should be displayed properly.A responsive design makes the website easily readable on kind of devices.More and more people browse the internet,shop and socialize on their phones and tablets and hence this component of website is crucial one.