Webdreams -One of the top PPC advertising company in Karnataka

Webdreams is now one of the topmost PPC(Pay per click) advertising companies in Karnataka. Having 20 years of experience in web designing and web development, since 2001. This is considered to be the topmost leading company in North Karnataka, having various branches in Karnataka.

Presence on the internet is mandatory for a successful business. In entire North Karnataka, Webdreams is considered to be one of the top PPC advertising company in Karnataka. 

Let’s Discuss What is PPC? And How it works?

Acronym of PPC is = Pay-Per-Click. Is an online advertising model, in which if a user clicks the ad, the advertiser has to pay for it, this is considered to be pay-per-click. There are several and different types of PPC ads, one of the majorly used ones is Paid search ad.These ads will be popped up when the people search for commercial searches online.


So what types of searches are considered to be commercial searches? If someone is looking to buy Pizza online, they search for (Pizza near me) the list will be available in front of you. On the top of the page, the ads related to pizza will be popped. These are businesses running ads, if the people click on it, they will be advertiser will be charged for the click, This is considered to be PPC.

There are three types of Pay-Per-click ads.

  1. Text ads:- Text ads considered to be the written copy of the advertiser that appears in the search results
  2. Display ads:- Display ads will be in the form of Motion graphics or the form of Image, these ads will be placed on the websites, to target the market visit. 
  3. Shopping ads:- Shopping ads will be visible to the searcher whose intent is to buy products online. On this particular ad Image, price, and the specification like color, the size will be visible, this is known as shopping ads.

The major PPC platform are as follows:-

  1. Google
  2. Microsoft Advertising
  3. Amazon Advertising

We at Webdreams,majorly work on Google and FaceBook, advertisers will be paid whenever the visitors click on it.