Advanced Digital Marketing

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The program is suitable for professionals of all levels and fields, This will help you to further build your business and profession.

This course is strongly recommended for
  • Marketing & Advertising Professionals who need to understand Digital Marketing or get more leads and business out of their Digital channels.
  • Digital Marketers who want to improve their career and intensify their domain expertise
  • Small & Medium business owners (Entrepreneurs) who need to grow their business through digital marketing
  • Technology / IT Professionals who are client facing & are required to pitch Digital Marketing Solutions to their customers.
  • Students who want to up skill in Digital Marketing to explore new career opportunities.

Trainer: Qualified, Award winning & Experienced Industry Expertise

Known as leading Digital Marketer and ecommerce consultant in India, "Deepali Gotadke" has 15-years background in Digital Marketing and is founder of & WebDreams .She is the chief trainer. She is a great orator and comes with strong knowledge of the domain. She used to do optimization since the year 2001 as it was much earlier than Google, that time yahoo optimization was done. Deepali has 15 years of vast experience in Digital marketing with expertise into S.E.O ,Social Media Marketing and various Pay Per Click platforms. Deepali and her team has done SEO for more than 100 firms and achieved great results. She has frequently conducted in-house training and has run programs for many companies.

Course Certification

Certification in Digital Marketing will enable you to:

  • Learn the latest search engine optimization technique, which you will be able to apply at a professional level to diverse digital marketing challenges.
  • Lead generation for you and your clients.
  • Our Digital Marketing Training will enhance your study and put up sound proficiency in a the digital marketing throughout the completion of a supervised study
  • This Certification Course will boost ROI for your business. You will have a specialist understanding of Digital Marketing strategies.
5 Certification | 4 Projects
  • Get Certified to Improve Your Career in Digital Marketing
  • Rank Among best Digital Marketing Professionals in the Industry
  • Be a leader Inside your Specific Area of Digital Marketing
  • Boost your career in Digital Marketing
  • Perk up Our Advanced Marketing & Promotion Skills
  • Raise & Foster your Customer Base
  • Place yourself Separately From your Specialized Competition


Markup your career with digital marketing


More traffic to website | Improve conversions & leads | Better ways to advertise | Learn how to plan for digital marketing strategy

Setting a complete online marketing strategy for your business

Setting and launching a Google search ad campaign

Creating and launching a Yahoo search ad campaign

Developing a social media promotion strategy for your company

Designing and launching a Facebook advertising campaign

Creating a LinkedIn ad campaign

Developing an off page and on page SEO strategy

Developing a content marketing (Blog and articles) strategy

Implementing analytics tools & learning how to optimize your online performance

Working Professionals

Open gates for multiple industries

Get a plethora of job opportunities in digital marketing industry

Skills and expertise for advanced career growth

Planning to start your own business? Get a wider reach with Digital marketing

Work as a part-time freelancer, make money online


Generate more qualified business leads & convert into sales

Increase business revenue with an extra outlet for sales- online

Save up to 60% of advertising cost with online advertising

Track and measure your performance with 100% accuracy

Expand your business to a wider geographical area by marketing it online

Introduction of Digital Marketing

Understand Power of Digital Marketing to Boost Online Sales

What is Digital Marketing?

Need of Digital Marketing

Scope of Digital Marketing

Tends of Digital Marketing

Main Search Engines

Website Development Platform

Understand Power of Digital Marketing to Boost Online Sales

What is Responsive Website?

Why Websites should be Optimised?

How to Get Best ROI?

Points to Consider While Website Design

What is GUI Website?

Significance of SEO

What are Wordpress Websites?

Search Engine Optimization

Learn the Updated Techniques to Boost Website Traffic

On Page SEO

Keyword Research

Meta Tag Optimization

Body Optimization

Content Marketing

Competitor Research

SEO Tools

Case Studies

XML Site map installation

Off Page SEO

Understanding Backlink Techniques

Directory Submission

Articles Submission

Social Bookmarking

Blog Commenting

Case Studies

Blog posting

Classified ad posting

Google Ad Words - PPC (Pay Per Click)

Be Google and Bing Certified On Live Projects

What is Pay Per Click?

Account Creation

Campaign Optimization

Ad group Optimization

Keyword Research

Post Campaign Optimization

Competitor Study

Case Study

Google Web Analytics

Track all the Traffic that Land on Your Website

What is Google Analytics?

How to Create a Campaign

Account Optimization

Goal Optimization

Funnel Optimization

Geo Location Optimization

Web Analysis

Advanced Level Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Understand the Power of Social Media for Viral Marketing

What Is Social Media Marketing?

What Is Viral Marketing

Scope of Social Media Marketing

Terminology of Social Media

Best Practices

Social Media tool

Facebook Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Various Social Media Marketing Strategies

What are Facebook Pages

Facebook Page Insight Study

Paid Marketing on Facebook

Paid Marketing on LinkedIn

Online Advertising

Differences Between Online & Offline Marketing

What are Advantages of Online Marketing?

What is Inbound Marketing?

How to Acquire High Quality ROI

Power & Scope of Online Marketing

E-Commerce Marketing

Know How you can Generate Sales to e Commerce companies

What is E-Commerce Marketing?

Basics of E-Commerce Marketing

Structure of E-Commerce Marketing

Algorithm of E-Commerce Marketing

How to start an E-Commerce Website

SEO Techniques on E-Commerce Websites

How do E-Commerce Companies make ROI

Lead Generation

Know How you can Generate Sales to e Commerce companies

What are leads Basic Food for an Organization?

what are various Lead Generation Methods?

How to acquire high quality leads?

Best Implementations to acquire leads online.

How to Determine Leads and Queries?

Fundamental of AdSense

Know How you can Generate Sales to e Commerce companies

What is AdSense?

How to create Adsense Account?

Adsense Approval Tricks

Adsense Account Optimization

How to Increase High Revenue via Adsense

Geo Targeting

Know How you can Generate Sales to e Commerce companies

What are Various Geo Location Targeting Options?

How to Target Audiences?

Significance of Geo Targeting

Various Tools for Geo Location

Generating High ROI via Geo Targeting

what is Ad Scheduling?

Where & How to Target Your Audiences?

Wordpress & Blogging

Learn How You can Create Brand Online for Online Companies

What is Blogging?

Difference Between Blog and Website?

What is Wordpress?

How to Choose Best Niche for Blog?

How People Earning?

What should be the Plan & Strategy?

AI Tools in Digital marketing:

AI Text Generators:



AI Content Detection:

AI Detector

Hootsuite: Hootsuite's OwlyWriter AI is designed to quickly create captions and generate post ideas for all your accounts and segments

Mailchimp: Mailchimp is a AI tool used for marketing automation and email marketing platform.

Buffer:Buffer is a AI for the web and mobile, designed to manage accounts in social networks.

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