PhpBB Forum Customization Services

A forum is one of the effective ways of popularizing a site to your online visitors. The visitors can interact, post queries as well as inquire about their queries on an online forum. But owning a forum is not just enough. It has to be properly maintained.

For forum installation, a number of forum scripts are available. phpBB script is one of the widely used scripts for forums. One of the advantages of using phpBB script for forums is that these forums can be used in both Linux server and Windows server. Installing phpBB can be a tricky task. That’s where we come in to make is happen for you in the easiest possible way. We can also help with database conversion when upgrading from the old versions of phpBB or converting from any other forum to phpBB.

WebDreams offers services in custom phpBB forum design, forum installation, forum integration and their proper maintenance. We also offer professional forum customization services and that too in a competitive rate. We can develop any custom functionality for your phpBB forum or expand an existing mod.

If site owners wish to integrate a forum to their website, we will provide technical assistance to do so. Our forum developers are experienced and they are experts in phpBB forum integrationservices.

Instead of using the default interface for your phpBB forums, you can opt for custom forum design. Our forum designers can customize the look and feel of the phpBB forums. The template color, backgrounds, font style and color can be customized to get a personalized look. Right and left side columns can be added in a custom forum design. A background image can also be set up that will be displayed as your forum background.

We can also customize your forum according to your main website. You can order for a full layout customization for your forum or you can opt for partly phpBB custom forums. The header and footer of your website can be integrated in your forum for partial customization. This will help your online visitors to easily identify the forum with your site.

Using default interface for your phpBB forum can confuse a new visitor. If they arrive to the forum from a reference other than your main site, they may doubt its authenticity and may take some time to figure out the site.

Forum maintenance is an important aspect of an online forum. The forums should be user friendly and the visitors should be at their ease to use them. The forum should also be well secured from spammers. As a preliminary protection, the capcha of the phpBB forums can be improved to prevent the bots from easily recognizing them. We at WebDreams can help you by improving the security of your phpBB forum by maintaining its moderator panels. We can set up the safety features and properly integrate them for the maintenance of your phpBB forum.

Feel free to browse our online phpBB template design portfolio to get an idea about the look and feel of the phpBB forum templates. For forum installation, forum integration and forum customization services you can contact us. Our forum designers and developers will offer you professional consultation.

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