Freelancer OR Company !! Which one is best?

There has always been a huge amount of confusion while choosing freelancers or companies showcasing similar work. There has been a strong competition among these two forms of service providers.

They are not only restricted to the IT industry. This classification is found in all fields of life revolving around various types of work. Be it a carpenter or interior designer, medical practitioner or  hospital, both freelancers and companies are readily available.

However the freelancing is mostly related to the software technology. External assistance is required to develop a software for your day to day needs. Be it a website or a customised offline product to ease your business activity, it is essential to hire the skilled personnel. Both implement the best digital marketing services to attract huge attention.

Their performance and preference need to be analysed based on huge number of parameters.

Time span

Freelancers are available subject to scope of work. Once the project is finished, they cannot be reapproached at times. Unlike the case of a company where they are always available in the stipulated time.


Due to odd circumstances, there may be chances of the freelancer discontinuing with your project or get disappeared. In such cases, companies can always be relied on as they have a proper registered office for any kind of physical meeting or communication.

Charges levied

Freelancer can be comparatively hired at lower cost. There is no other dependency with whom the cost has to be shared with. Companies tend to charge on the higher side due to the varied dependency factors such as infrastructure, staff, etc. Due to the multiple stakeholders involved, the costs tend to increase.


Basically freelancer is a one man army involving all phases of the project. In a company, there is a team involved and the work is segregated. There arises the issues related to meeting the deadline in former case and taking ownership for error rectification with the latter. Yet as there is always a set up hierarchy already laid and followed, it is easy to get your issues rectified in case of preferring a company over a freelancer.

Scope of Work

Unlike company where an employee is assigned a single project at a time, freelancers basically tend to multi task. Due to this, there might be cases of bugs creeping up or an extended project completion by the latter. Also due to the huge number of various people at one place there can be different means of enhancing the project in case if it is given to the company to develop.


Because the developer and tester role are played by the same person, there are high chances of missing some existing bugs which may creep up and cause big issues in the run time. This is rarely found in the case of companies.

Legal Reliability

Most of the products that involve seek to be highly confidential. Reliability on the freelancer can be increased by having a non disclosure agreement, NDA made. Yet the company or the agency which is a full black and white proof in existence can be relied more.

Based on various factors, one can choose either of the two. However for big products like website or offline software, it is always recommended to prefer best web development company. In case of small fixes, temporary changes, addons at lower rates, freelancers can be relied upon.

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