Get High Traffic To Youtube Channel

Get High Traffic To Youtube Channel

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              Youtube is a platform where one can upload their videos online. While the other websites enable you to upload videos and be viewed only by your friends, youtube enables you to target wider audience. To retain viewers, a youtube channel can be created. Any number of videos can be uploaded in that particular channel. The viewers can subscribe to your channel. This way, they get the updates on any new video being added and the channel owners gets an opportunity to keep a contact with their viewers.

Type of channel

              There are innumerable categories in which a channel can be created. It can be related to recipes, cartoon, comedy, literature, latest happenings, film related, online trainings, music, dance, workout, lifestyle, health tips, beauty tips and many more. Depending on the content of the video, the right category is to be chosen to have optimum results.

Number of videos per channel

              There is no limit on the number of videos that can be uploaded on one channel. There is also no limit on the size of the video that can be uploaded. However, youtube allows only 50 videos to be uploaded in single day. Any additional video can be done only in the next day.

Tags for channel

              Tags are the keywords that can be added to your youtube channel. There can be any number of tags each of maximum 30 characters related to the content of your channel and the total limit on the characters allowed is 500 including separators. A long tail keyword is considered to be more specific as it enables to get listed in more number of searches. Tags are normally written either in the description or title of the video. When any search is being done, the list of videos bearing the hashtag are displayed.

              For any website, google has a special product called google adwords through which relevant keywords can be found and made use of. The same keyword list can also be incorporated in your youtube channel. However, below are the few of the many additional links listed that will help you find related keywords that can be included in your video –

Why should tags be added to your channel

              The intention behind uploading a video is to let it be viewed by as many people as possible. There are monetary gains observed when the number of viewers is increased. In order to obtain the same, there is a huge competition to get ranked in the first five videos, when the relevant search is made. When a search is made, youtube algorithm internally searches for all the videos bearing the corresponding keyword and the result is displayed. And so is the need to have various combinations of the keyword mentioned in your video.

Additional task to improve ranking

              Closed caption feature in the youtube can be used wisely to yield better results for your video. It is a text that can be written over the video which helps in narration of the content of the video. Helps in giving a broader view of the information that is uploaded. It can be written in different languages if you wish to get attended by larger audience. This is an additional space to add up more keywords enabling it to be indexed higher by the search engine.

              You can also enrich your video by adding transcript into your description. This shall make the video search engine friendly. Additional services like captions and subtitles can also be added to your video for more efficiency. For more details, you can go through the link below,

How to add tags

              The info and settings column in the channel settings can have all the tags entered in the tags field separated by a comma.   The edit button in your video manager helps you add tags after the video is uploaded.

Share URL

              After uploading video you have to Share the video in all the Social Media like, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkdin, etc.

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