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WebDreams, India helps you create the right amount of buzz for your products, company or brand by positioning your website on the internet. The internet marketing strategy we practice is based on data analysis, online research and policy development. We assist you in recognizing target market and contenders and successfully create online marketing policies based on the product and service. Our proficiency in offering completely incorporated internet distribution and transaction technology resolution enabling our clients to exploit online sales, diminish costs and increase their business gainfully. We are backed with in- house programmers, advisors ensuring maximum quality achievement and favorable resources.

The art of using the internet for advertising to its maximum is Webdreams, India's forte; we have mastered the art to attract customers by utilizing internet to deliver messages. Being one of the top performers in using the forms of affluent media ads, advertising banner ads, online classified advertising, e-mail marketing and social network advertising, they are used to send the message of our patrons successfully to our prospective customers. Internet has taken the world by storm, it has become an emerging foundation that is likely to magnify more and more. Internet media attracts the consideration of advertisers as it is believed to be the most effective source to bring in consumers. Online advertisement gives total control over the item and consumers will have a clear view to check the item or not as per their choice.

Poster or banner /text promotion (CPM, PPC, CPL are other forms of advertising)

Web banner ad is a form of internet promotion that requires pushing an announcement on a web page. A poster/banner ad is proposed to draw traffic to the landing page of the website that is directly allied to the website of the promoter. An impression is a banner ad that gets loaded on the web browser which gets displayed on the web page. When the viewer clicks on the banner he is heading to the web page promoted in the banner this action is known as "Click through" most of these posters/banners are distributed by a vital ad server.

Cost per thousand page impression

This is a type of banner advertising where the promoter pays for ad views, it is the popular jargon used regularly in internet advertising, CPM speak about Cost per Thousand Page impressions. The promoter pays for each 1,000 ad views in this particular type of banner advertising.

Cost per Click

Paying for every single click on its advertisements to search engines and internet publishers is called Cost per Click; the promoter pays for the clicks that bring one visitor to its website. For every advertisement or every click the advertiser pays to online marketers and search engines.

Cost per Lead

An online pricing model called Cost per Lead, in this type of banner advertising, the promoter pays for an open sign-up from an attracted customer who is fascinated in the offer offered by the promoter, it is believed to be one of the popular pricing model used by online publishers. CPL allows online advertisers to generate returns on their investment online; they can generate profits in dollars useful in this tight economy.

Web banners perform in similar fashion as the traditional advertisers do; these posters intimate or announce customers about merchandise or service, displaying several reasons for consumer to choose the particular advertised product. Web banners are more beneficial than traditional ads as they can be supervised immediately and can be targeted to the viewer's benefits.

Text- based banner Ads

Text- based banner Ads are typically conquered on the web by their pictorial-based correspondence. Text- based ads have immense power they win over graphical ads; another advantage of this form of ads is it can be downloaded right away without any ad blocking software.

Online Media Planning and Buying

WebDreams, India understands client's operational purpose and intentions, we gather information regarding target audience and their uniqueness is determined parallel with market chart, promotion incorporation, funds and ad originality. We provide our valuable clients best results through pocket friendly purchase at ad networks, web portals, and content sites, also providing campaign track statement analysis on regular intervals. Our experts undertake exhaustive research that are in sync with client's objectives and identify most appropriate sites suitable to our client's campaign. Thorough market research is accomplished to follow online media planning and buying.

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