Student Information System

Student Information System

It's mainly internet-based Students performance monitoring system for their Parents. The data about the Students like, Genera! Information, Marks, Attendance, Library, Sports, Health, Message, Notice board etc can be uploaded on the Web Server from the School Premises by the Data Entry Operator provided by our Company, so that it can be viewed by their parents at any time, anywhere in the World with the User ID & Password provided by the company so that each individual data is secured.

Parents will be able to get SMS on their mobile for some information like Results, Absent details of their child, Time table, Confidential message Passed by school and Needful inforĀ­mation.

Any events or cultural activitie's photographs CD can be given to our Data entry operator to upload on Web Server so that Parents can view it anywhere at any time.

Company will provide a Computer System at your School Premises as an Asset of the Company & Internet bill to upload the data. Data Entry Operator Salary will be borne by the Company. Maintenance Cost of the Software for Storing Students Data on the Web Server also borne by the Company. Student, Parents can avail Telephonic assistance from Company's Office.

Company will create the website with a school domain name from which parents or student's will be able to get the information directly. Company will provide CCTV camera facility in school/college to monitor entire premises (after six month of the agreement).

Why us?

WebDreams has been collaborating with the education community, helping to establish an environment for growth, creativity and accomplishment. Educators nationwide depend on us to provide web based services that deliver a clear and concise vision to students parents. We take that responsibility very seriously.

We build robust web solutions that meet the diverse needs of educational organization and professionals, and teachers the ability to transform their web presence into something meaningful to the entire community.

Learning is paramount to the WebDreams ethic. The WebDreams team is made up of passionate individuals focused on making positive enhancement to the world of education. Our developers remain on the leading edge of technology to ensure that our services evolve with you .focused on your dreams and always seeking input, we continue to find new and innovative ways to turn technology in to inspiration.

Our clients are the driving force that enables us to provide the best with real meaning. Everything we do is based on client collaboration and the constant focus on knowing where the education market came from and where it is going. Keeping abreast of the market trends and happenings, along with best practices in technology, is a critical factor in delivering meaningful information.

When you boil it down. Our passion isn't simply about developing great web solutions; it is about how our services and team positively impact the world of education. Quality education is our world, as it is for you. Working as a team, we can learn, dream and grow schools/colleges are our world as they are for you. Plant Selecon Info Services concept within your learning environment and see what happens.

Each of us learns something new every day - even if we realize it or not! By educating ourselves on the world around us, we can learn new things and apply them to new experiences.


  • Internet Strategy and Custom Solution unique to your organizational requirements.
  • High quality, Secure Web Applications
  • Student & Institution database Confidentiality assurance
  • User Friendly Interface with structured navigation
  • Developed using latest technologies and tools.
  • Competitive quality, pricing and fast turnaround Parent
  • We monitor the student on his/her each field in the school/college campus
  • Parents will be intimated all the school/college related information about their child immediately
  • We arrange medical checkup camp at the school/college to trace any bad addictions.
  • We deliver the information in three easy modes which are online, mobile SMS and telephone assisĀ­tance.
  • We provide the e-Books facility so to no affordable books can be downloaded without any additional charges.

We specialize in student information system with latest tools so that the institution can have control over the student. If institution requires additional possible facilities then the company will fulfill the necessary needs. Other more important aspect is to have the right kind of information to the institution and parents


Our aim is not only service providing, but to create world class information for the students, parents and institutions. A Unique method of technologically knowing a students information with which an institution may be proud off. Here are details of implementation

1. Web site design

We will create the website with a school domain name from which parents or students will be able to get the information directly and the institution will be able to access the information in required form.

  • Home page contains general details of institution.
  • About us, page contains interior information of institution
  • Admissions
  • Faculty
  • Activities FAQ
  • Contact us

2. For Institutions

School Profile Notice Board Manage Events Account Master Account Ledger Book Master Class Master
Examination Master Holiday Subject Master News, Events and activities announcement Manage Month Students
Exam-Subject Entry Marks List [results] Annual Semester wise Unit Tests Preliminary test Practical
Total Marks Daily Attendance Fee Register Library Register Sports Register Manage Confidential Message

3. For Principal's

Monthly Attendance Results School Account Change Year Change Password Help

4. For Parent

  • Provide secure login to parents which includes
  • Student Profile
  • Access to all exam mark sheet
  • Daily Attendance report & get SMS of absent detail
  • Can show total fees for academic year and other fees details with fees outstanding,fine, last date of fee, Balance fee etc.
  • Health status of student and necessary treatment
  • Library record of student ie. Book Name, Issue Date, Return date, Fine
  • Sports activities can shows
  • Parent can check confidential message which delivered from institution about students
  • Parent can show all events photographs and can take print of events photograph
  • Customize Access to Interfaces and reports
  • Statistical Reports
  • SMS and Email Notification History and logs
  • Feedback Interface
  • Forgot password request
  • Navigation option to view previous data.

Service charges for all implementations

For all these services, initial registration charges of Rs.100/- [one time] per each student. We will charge a Nominal Fee to each Student, Per Month as shown in table.

No No of total strength Service charge [Per student per month]
1 100 Rs. 170/-
2 200 Rs. 130/-
3 300 Rs. 90/-
4 500 Rs. 60/-
5 700 Rs. 50/-
6 Above 700 Rs. 40/-

Fees will be not charged in summer vacation [for 1 month] in an academic year. Its institution Managements responsibility to collect the Fee from the student pay to the company.Expecting your support to, implement this "Online Students Information System Programme" in your Institution.

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